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Our bassist @_eskimo_joe_ has a show with his band the @vandalsofficial (yes, we let him play with them from time to time). We suggest you go..


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Big thanks to music journalist David Wild for his kind words on today’s Adam Carolla Show (starts around minute 20:00)

Dennis Prager and David Wild At the top of the show, Adam talks about the importance of passion, unless it’s the title of a never-ending song. David Wild is also in studio, and the guys talk about Chris Cornell’s suicide, as well as Adam’s engaging interview with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. They also discuss the upcoming special on Th...


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This Sunday our @josemaldonado828 will be dj’g at @parttimepunksla for #thesmiths night! No work or school on Monday #mexicanmorrissey #parttimepunks..


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